What is full spectrum oil

Full-spectrum oil refers to the whole plant you are receiving the full benefit of the full plant extract which provides all the cannabinoids causing them to work together which causes the “ENTOURAGE EFFECT”.

what is go terpy?

GO TERPY is a full spectrum CBD oil with MCT oil as our carrier. GO TERPY has our patent-pending Terpene blend which enhances the Cannabonid effects thus strengthening the medical effects.

Begin your healing journey with Go Terpy

Broad Spectrum THC free 500mg CBD

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History and Power of Hemp

Hemp has been around since the Settlers in North America brought hemp seeds with them and began cultivating the crop in Jamestown around 1616. Again, the settlers used the hemp fibers for clothing, building materials, sails, and weapons. In 1619 The Virginia Assembly established that all citizens were required to grow hemp. The plant was even accepted as legal tender in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. By 1776 hemp was cultivated in Kentucky.

Health Benefits of Go Terpy



Sleep Problems




Skin Health


Begin your healing journey with Go Terpy

Frequently asked questions about Go Terpy Oil

We recommend a 30 day use and to keep out of sunlight which diminishes the potency.  You can store hemp at room temp out of sunlight for 60 days to maintain the integrity 

If taken under the tongue within 20 to 30 min.  If orally in food or beverage  about an hour and typically it can take as little 15min

Our oil is non psycho active!

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