Debbie Cochran

As CEO Debbie’s compassion for healing others is what drivers her to create the best therapeutic CBD products for our Go Terpy. Being Diagnosed more than 12 years ago with Fibromyalgia Debbie started her journey with CBD/Cannabis started. After several years of dealing with excruciating Fibro pain and endless prescription drugs and side effects associated with them, that left her in a fog and lifeless most days. Not only feeling exhausted, hopeless, and watching her quality of life rapidly slipping away losing her battle with pain and missing out on family time, she became desperate to take control of her health and life. She started looking for other possibilities to healing herself without all the side effects.

Reaching out to people, both in the medical field and in the cannabis industry, looking for an alternative option, with Debbie’s introduction to plant base medicine, it opened a new approach to healing with Cannabis. After learning and understand the healing properties in the cannabis Hemp plant the cannabinoids and other compounds like terpenes, Debbie began experimenting with blending and balancing CBD and terpenes targeting pain. In 2017 with great success in finding the perfect blend for pain relief and healing Go Terpy was founded with a vison of patients helping patients to find their own quality of health and wellness.

Patrich Giles

Our CFO Patrich brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to GO Terpy. He has traveled the world and lived aboard for several years, giving him a unique perspective and style to business, marketing, development and organization. Patrich has been actively involved and working in the Cannabis business for 25 plus years and has experience in all aspects of the industry, from cultivation, engineering, management, marketing and consulting.

Throughout each of his business experiences, he has been very successful at developing and cultivating relationships with in the cannabis community, and currently owns and operates several successful companies.

With his own personal experience and knowledge of Cannabis/CBD and the healing benefits it was no surprise to him after using this special blend of Terpenes and CBD it was a game changer. Patrich knew this was a win/win venture, by helping Go Terpy succeed in the competitive market it was also helping other to heal.

Angela Lockhart

COO Angela is an innovative and driven professional, with more than 25 years’ experience in hospital Management and Patient Care. She currently works with doctors and patients to bridge the gap in cannabis use and dosing. Foreseeing current trends of cannabis entering mainstream medicine practices as an alternative to traditional prescriptions treatments, Angela has incurred a plethora of cannabis education certificates directly related to educating and training and has join the LBCA teaching team as adjunct professor at Long Beach City College Teaching; Introduction to Cannabis Industry.

Angela’s own health issues sent her on a path to find a better alternative to combating chronic migraines, along with neck & back pain and bouts of depression and anxiety often associated with prescription medication. After suffering for 30 plus year and losing an average 13 -18 days a month to Migraine episodes and Rx intoxication, with the support of her Doctor she set out on her cannabis mission to find a self-healing solution. Her experience had a profound impact, not only did her Migraine begin to subside and eventually fade away completely, she embarked on a new career track. With this new found knowledge it has given Angela the drive, and compassion to help guide clients/patients to successfully use CBD/Cannabis as a healthier option to regain a quality of life and health, a quality of life and health Angela herself never thought she would ever get back; she is now committed to enriching the quality of people’s lives and overall health.